Small to medium sized businesses account for 85% of cyber attacks.
60% of those businesses, will be forced to close within 12 months because of the costs to recover from an attack. Most business owners think hackers target big businesses... but we're all at risk. 
Our cyber team takes a two-fold approach to addressing your cyber risk:
1. Assessment - we work with and recommend top partners in risk assessment and prevention to develop a plan for your organization. Do you know where your vulnerabilities lie? Do you have a plan in place for how your company will handle a breach? Do you have a go-to, Cyber 911 phone number to call to help you handle a breach?
2. Insurance - we partner with the top insurance carriers in the business to provide you with a stand-alone cyber insurance policy. Why does that matter? Because you don't want to think about and plan for your cyber risk. But we do. We'll provide you with several options and a comparison of coverages by company. We will discuss your options with you and explain why a stand-alone policy may be a better fit for your organization than an endorsement to your business policy. We make it easy for you to understand so that you can make the best decision for your business. 
Our cyber team works with the best
We understand that you don't have time to spend weeks researching the latest hacker trends and cyber attacks. You don't want to have to figure out which policy meets your need and how to gain access to it. But we do! Our dedicated cyber team is knowledgeable, well trained and ready to tailor your cyber insurance policy to your organization's need. 
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